1. Dark Saiyan

    Unconfirmed Bug AoS allowing players to start in Ter Mur

    I have my server set to AoS content and Siege Perilous ruleset, so there is no Trammel, only Felucca, Ilshenar, and Malas. The moongates function correctly, and you can't choose Samurai or Ninja; nor can you choose Elf or Gargoyle Races. However, it is still allowing players to select Ter Mur as...
  2. T

    Modified TileData.cs to extract AnimID/GumpID from ItemID 2017-05-15

    A modified TileData.cs which extracts also AnimID from TileData.mul. I've seen quite a few people asking for a way to find a paperdoll gump for an item - with this TileData.cs you can use the added function TileData.GumpFromID(int itemID, bool female = false) to get the GumpID of an item...