1. RedBeard

    OnDamagedBySpell : specific spell has an affect on basecreature.

    Looking for the correct method. When player casts a specific spell it has an affect on basecreature.
  2. ShtimusMaximus

    Why am I taking damage when I throw explo pot at champs?

    Hoping someone can help me sniff out this code and remove it... I love dumping explo on champs and bosses and taking their life down super fast. But for some reason with the latest servuo im taking like equal damage as if im blood oathed or something... 1607232975 I found that it is when my...
  3. ShtimusMaximus

    Elemental Damage Deeds 2020-12-02

    Use these to make an item that morphs your weapons into 100% elemental damage. Use it as a template for applying weapon props and making items that apply weapon props... Don't forget to provide the credit to... Credit goes to Redsnow because I used his Use Best Skill Deed to create these... He...
  4. ImaNewb

    Sparring Dummy 1.0

    This is a script that I put together to test weapon damages on my server. Very Simple script. The base idea for this script comes from Vorspires Attackable Items script for RunUO. It's a training dummy that you can attack and it shows the damage you do overhead. It does have HP and can...