1. TheArt

    Art Dragon Carpets 2021-04-29

  2. TheArt

    Animations Classic Red Dragon (Ridable) 2021-04-23

    Classic Ridable Red Dragon (Large Sized) Requires L Slot, does not have a P slot which means YOU WILL need to replace an L slot mount from Anim 2 or higher.
  3. TheArt

    Animations Colorable Ridable Dragon (Takes a L Slot) 2021-04-26

    This is a ridable dragon that is gray. It replaces an L slot, it needs to be in a ridable slot from anim2 or higher. --Edited so the words are more noticeable-- <<<< GOING TO MENTION THIS, PLEASE BE SURE TO USE THIS IN ANIM2+!!! IT WILL NOT PLAY NICE WITH ANIM1>>>>
  4. T

    World Boss Event In A Box - Drag And Drop 2019-01-21

    This is something I created for a month long event. Place the crystal on any mobs. When a player gets a crystal he can either save or double click it and summon the boss where he is at. The boss has a chance to drop a custom Mask and another crystal for a weaker tamable dragon that looks like...
  5. Sareus

    Publish 101 Items {Halloween 2018} 2018-08-19

    Publish 101 Items: just another quick pack of the new art quickly scripted into usable Lights and Decorations. You may do with these as you wish I just coded them this way so they're easier to see and use. 2018 Halloween Items: Deco Items: SpiderTree.cs a spider infested sapling (animated)...
  6. Sareus

    Publish 98 Items 1.0

    Items From Publish 98 Quick pack of the new Small Pumpkins for carving, Flaming Scarecrows, Black/White Tiger Trophies, & Massive 5x5 Dragon Rugs. Halloween Items Small Pumpkins for carving Cat Jack-o-lantern Design Owl Jack-o-lantern Design Flaming Scarecrows work like lanterns double click...