1. Wilson

    Elemental Wisps

    Elemental Wisps Five Elemental Wisps that randomly vary in age! Each has a special elemental attack! Wisp Elemental Types Fire Wisp - [Add FireWisp Frozen Wisp - [Add ColdWisp Poisoned Wisp - [Add PoisonWisp Electric Wisp - [Add EnergyWisp Chaos Wisp - [Add ChaosWisp Age Titles [Child] -...
  2. ShtimusMaximus

    Elemental Damage Deeds 2020-12-02

    Use these to make an item that morphs your weapons into 100% elemental damage. Use it as a template for applying weapon props and making items that apply weapon props... Don't forget to provide the credit to... Credit goes to Redsnow because I used his Use Best Skill Deed to create these... He...