1. Cad

    Explosion Potion Help (ServUO Pub 57)

    Hello, I'm needing help with setting up explosion potions to have a 5-second delay BUT also able to cancel the pot mid-way through the timer and bring it back up. (Line 142) Timer.DelayCall(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(5000), () => from.EndAction(this.GetType())); // Default (500) I've changed...
  2. ShtimusMaximus

    Why am I taking damage when I throw explo pot at champs?

    Hoping someone can help me sniff out this code and remove it... I love dumping explo on champs and bosses and taking their life down super fast. But for some reason with the latest servuo im taking like equal damage as if im blood oathed or something... 1607232975 I found that it is when my...