for hire

  1. Bonaccorso

    NPC hireable for free for unlimited time?

    I'm trying to figure out how to create an NPC that will be hireable without paying to him, and without limitation of hire term, but I'm not sure how to trigger the hire process if gold is not transferred to NPC as payment. Maybe somebody already managed to come up with similar thing?
  2. NMND

    [For Hire] Image Editor - specialized in Coat of Arms, Guild Banners/Logos and other simple things.

    Sers, how are you all doing? I haven't posted in a long time... to be honest, I'm not gaming much anymore and as a roleplayer, the selection of UO shards has always been a bit limited. But I am a real human, not a spam bot, I swear! #sus #plznoairlock Preamble: I take payment for my work. I...