1. Voxpire

    Gumps SuperGump Ticking Clock

    This complete snippet serves as a short tutorial and template for developing VitaNex' SuperGumps. If you just want to implement a gump with a clock, like the one in the icon, you can use the AnalogClock gump that is provided by VitaNex. This ImageClockGump makes use of the AddImageTime control...
  2. setting spells at initial player's interface Is there a method ?

    Hi i mean is there some kind a script or macros to grab spells from Spell book So the noob player would see them right in begining at first enter in the game And not only spells Would like that map, skills, abilities gumps all shoud be auto opened
  3. deleting gump icons

    Hello guys is there a method to delete a gump icon from character creation or from a spell book? So user coudn't (click) use them. For example "advanced" option on character creation interface or a spell icon from Bushido magic book. If its possible Could you pls direct me to the scripts where...
  4. UO-Orion

    Gump Tooltip help

    So I have a "Stabled Pet List gump" (see screenshot below) that I used the AddMobileProperty(pet) method to make a tooltip appear when hovering over the pet image tile button. I've also tried the AddTooltip(...) method which works if I give it a cliloc, but not if I give it a string (even though...
  5. Finaltwist

    Displaying jpg images ingame using a gump

    Hello, we want to implement paintings in ultima adventures which, when double clicked, would load a jpg from the server's directory and display it in a gump. Would anyone here know of a script that loads jpg images from a local directory and displays them ingame? It's a little beyond my...
  6. RedRooster

    Art New Sword Gumps 1

    This set includes 4 New Sword Gump Graphics pictured below. Hope you guys enjoy! I'll be releasing more content involving weps/armor/offhand items soon! : )
  7. alchemy

    Maps CALYPSO maps, decoration, cartography, etc... 1.1

    This is the release of CALYPSO resources you may wish to re-use for your own purpose. It is delivered as a package as the shard is also evolving. it includes custom resources such as: Map Mul statics decoration Associated qartography Arts (included vehicles) Gumps Musics Alambik.
  8. Cad

    Need help changing starting Templates (RunUO 2.7)

    What I'm trying to do here is take away all of the AOS/SE Templates and replace them with common UOR templates. Ex: Tamer, Thief, Bard, ETC. any guidance as to where I should start to make these changes? V/R
  9. otimpyre

    Minor Fixes for my Full Color Spell Icons 1.0

    Updates for a shard using these.
  10. Valorian-Aeternum

    Isis UO-Graphics 2016-05-12

    You will find some nice art and gumps to add to your freeshard. Isis is not bringing something new, but also the old stuff is quite useful.
  11. Valorian-Aeternum

    Nyray's Graphics 2016-02-02

    Nyray is skilled in Ultima Online graphics and giving away a lot of nice artwork and gumps for free. Feel free to support her work.
  12. Valorian-Aeternum

    UO-Pixel 2016-01-31

    UO-Pixel is a german graphics portal run by Eriminator (known for her work for UO-Mittelerde, etc). It is randomly updated with condributions from Eriminator or other artists, willing to give away their work for free. You can find complete maps, new animations, a lot of arts, gumps and stuff...