1. yigitbaba

    Art Halloween Celebration: Free Halloween Paperdoll! 1.2

    Hello ServUO community! We are excited to share this specially designed Halloween Paperdoll for your server to celebrate the Halloween season. Customize your server's interface with this unique Halloween theme. Related Image:
  2. Halloween 2009 Crystals and summon 1.0

    So this does NOT include the quest. But feel free to integrate it anyway you like. For original event details UOGuide > Halloween 2009 Quest BIG THANKS to the following thread and creator of Monster Summoners, this made a lot of thinking on the Yellow Crystal easier. @Quasar Monster Summoner...
  3. Sareus

    Publish 101 Items {Halloween 2018} 2018-08-19

    Publish 101 Items: just another quick pack of the new art quickly scripted into usable Lights and Decorations. You may do with these as you wish I just coded them this way so they're easier to see and use. 2018 Halloween Items: Deco Items: SpiderTree.cs a spider infested sapling (animated)...
  4. Shazzy

    Missing Halloween Items 1.1 1.2

    This adds the Green-Gords lights, there are 2. The Crystal, Jade and Onyx Skulls(I couldn't find them, I am sure they are out there somewhere) The Gypsy Lantern. The green-gords pumpkin lights need to be added to the pumpkin carving. If you do not have installed, that I can post the entire...