1. TheArt

    The Art's Donation Stone 2020-04-20

    TheArt's Donation Stone, Credit for command goes to Exale from Servuo and dmurphy for helping her. Created Gump for command. If you do not have KnivesChat 1.2 Reborn, I would suggest getting it so the gump makes sense. Link to KnivesChat Reborn 1.2...
  2. Mutilador

    Launcher UOSAPatcher 1.0

    UOSAPatcher - Ultima Online Stygian Abyss Patcher UOSAPatcher is an Open Source tool, build in Python 3 to change Ultima Online SA client: Last tested client: Systems: Linux / Windows (MacOS not tested yet) Features: Change server IP Change server PORT Remove client encryption Hot...
  3. Argalep

    Launcher UO Enhanced Launcher Version 2.0

    Installation: ECLauncherSetup.rar extract setup.exe install Clicking shortcuts on desktop (UO Enhanced Launcher) * virus problem resolved * installation path : C:\Program Files (x86)\UOECLauncher * server information path : %appdata%\UOECLauncher\launcher.xml