1. Wrong light sources on static item

    If I add an item through the [add static it will not give me the right light source as opposed to adding it as an addon. Im using ServUO publish 54 Client Classic Vitanexcore
  2. Sareus

    Publish 98 Items 1.0

    Items From Publish 98 Quick pack of the new Small Pumpkins for carving, Flaming Scarecrows, Black/White Tiger Trophies, & Massive 5x5 Dragon Rugs. Halloween Items Small Pumpkins for carving Cat Jack-o-lantern Design Owl Jack-o-lantern Design Flaming Scarecrows work like lanterns double click...
  3. Rex

    Colored Lights ColoredLights.4

    If you end up using these files I only ask that you please post screenshots of the lights in use. I'd like to see what you come up with. This set of scripts and files will let you add lights that are editable. Art.mul edits are required to make this work. You may use UOfiddler or your program...