1. Wilson

    Loot Locator - Player Tool

    Loot Locator ~Player Tool~ Simple but effective little script, if you want to allow your players to be able to find a item they are looking for in the loot of a creature in the world! Than let them use this system! All the player needs to do is type [LocateLoot <Name of Loot> and they will...
  2. nerv0us

    Removing itens from loot

    Hello, i just started a New Project, eith AOS expansion, and i need help. The idea is remove all Magic itens on the loot from mobs, weapons, armour, jewelry, shields. (Only artifacts like ML and others) And the other thing would be remove/change the range/cap of some properties like skill...
  3. Bittiez

    Custom Loot [No core modifications required] 1.0.0

    What is this? This is a very simple, easy to use way to add your customized loot to monsters in game. Why is this different from other loot systems? It requires 0 core modifications, simply drag and drop. Installation Drag CustomLoot.cs into your Scripts/Custom/ folder. Edit CustomLoot.cs with...
  4. Natfoth

    Dynamic Loot 1.0

    Automatically generates loot for all creatures in the game based on their calculated level. I attempted to get it as close as I could to the same level of levels generated through the manual system. The system works with Champions still as well. The system provides for a more randomized...