new players

  1. Looking for Testers

    Britannia's End is looking for testers. We need all types of players (melee, magic, crafters, etc.) to put our work through its paces. The NPCs (mostly vendors) and some skills have been customized to fit the shard's lore. You will be given access to the shard, as well as to our bug...
  2. Ixtabay

    StatBall 1.1

    A single use ball that allows player to raise the Stat (Str, Dex, Int) of their choice by a predefined bonus value. GM can set bonus value. default is set within the script.
  3. Ixtabay

    HomeStone 1.2

    The Home Stone allows players to set a home location in any inn, or in a house they own. By default, the stone can be used every 15 minutes, but this can be adjusted. private static readonly TimeSpan delay = TimeSpan.FromMinutes( 15.0 ); private static readonly TimeSpan totalDelay =...