1. danielsheep

    Unconfirmed Bug Pet has disappeared.

    If this is a crash report please paste your crash report in the following code tags: This is not abou crash report. What were you doing at the time of the crash on your shard: This is not abou crash report. If this thread is to report an inaccuracy with ServUO's systems please tell us to the...
  2. F

    Not A Bug tsuki wolf - Necro / Spirit

    Hi there, I was training my tsuki wolf, and i can't find the way to make the pet use necromancy and spirit speak. I search some information about it, but only i find this, and doesn't show up. Thanks Regards!
  3. Shazzy

    Tarantula Mount 1.0

    Here is a nice mount. Poison is great, but FIRE BAD! He is difficult to tame, but fun. Enjoy! Shazzy