1. Voxpire

    Code Sandboxed System Serialization

    This short tutorial describes how to avoid editing PlayerMobile when introducing new features to your server. A basic "talent" system will be used as the means to add context to the way persistent data can be handled without the need to update PlayerMobiles' Serialize or Deserialize methods...
  2. Falkor

    Character Access Level Toggle 2019-07-01

    Not my script but I didn't see it already present here. You shouldn't have to do anything but drop this into your Customs folder and restart. Type [calt to switch from staff to player and back. It will let you see the shard and play as a player would experience it for quick troubleshooting...
  3. Shazzy

    Gold List Updated 2016-09-23

    Gives account gold totals and gold in world, updated from other post which I removed.