1. CorvaeOboro

    Art Base Item Variants 2022-04-07

    Base Item Variants Download BaseItemVariants | Download ALL MODS original item art at top and modded below Installation / Patching extract downloaded zip open Mulpatcher > Settings > set the Art mul path ( UO Client usually in program files ) and LOAD them Features > Autopatch select the...
  2. Cad

    Explosion Potion Help (ServUO Pub 57)

    Hello, I'm needing help with setting up explosion potions to have a 5-second delay BUT also able to cancel the pot mid-way through the timer and bring it back up. (Line 142) Timer.DelayCall(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(5000), () => from.EndAction(this.GetType())); // Default (500) I've changed...