1. omm e nient

    UO Danger

    Ciao a tutti, Vogliamo invitarti a provare Uo Danger, un nuovo shard PvP/PvM che abbiamo creato cambiando i file di DNA. Per renderlo più semplice si parte già da un livello competitivo, ovvero dal 24, e per salire al 30 ci vogliono 1kk a livello, fino a un massimo di 1.75kk per il livello 30...
  2. Draconixs

    UO Phoenix - I want you!

    UO-PHOENIX.COM The way it should have been. The alternative path it would have been if not once OSI changed into a greedy machine. Become a part of UO history. Join today! A Roundtable Arts & EnigmaUO collaboration. Greetings fellow adventurers of the Britannian realm! I am excited to...
  3. TheArt

    The Forsaken Planes

    The Forsaken Planes Site Our Discord We will hopefully be releasing by May 31st! We will have no skill cap, 6x6-30x30 customizable houses. You'll need out custom client as well as ClassicUO to connect to our server! We have custom items among many more things! Hope to see you there when...
  4. Izex

    Paragon UO

    While this shard is currently being developed I am looking for people to help test out the content and systems that are available and give feedback. Sovereigns (store currency) can be earned or obtained via donations and by completing achievements or by joining in events. I do want to let...