1. ServUO

    ServUO 57.3

    Download ServUO via an official release hosted by GitHub.
  2. sec_goat

    Looking For Hue Changing script

    Hello All, I swear at one point in time I had seen and used a script that was a tool to change hues easily for anything in game? It was like a dye tube you could use on anything to change the hue, does this exist or has anyone seen this? Thanks!
  3. Shazzy

    Item Scripts needed

    Until I get my internet up to speed, are there any particular items that need to be scripted? Lots of new lampposts, tapestries??? Thoughts Shazzy
  4. Aj - AOB

    daat99 issue with Token Vendor Stone.cs

    Hi, Having this 1 issue when trying to add the scripts for daat99 token system and gold ledger Errors: + Custom/daat99 system (1)/Tokens/Token Vendor Stone.cs: CS0115: Line 192: 'VendorBall.OnSingleClick(Mobile)': no suitable method found to override Scripts: One or more scripts failed to...