1. you don't have that spell inscription

    Its doesn't work... First in the gump there aren't all scrolls in list second even those that exist when i'm trying to craft (copy) a scroll (there is that spell in the spellbook in my backpack) in creation gump a message "you don't have that spell!" what wrong with my inscription? does it...
  2. ImaNewb

    Quest Scroll changes after save

    Hello! I have a strange problem with the Quest Scrolls I am using from the Random Quest Generator script. I have them set up so that when the scroll is generated instead of using object properties to display the quest information I have story, mostertype and person displayed as the name of the...
  3. Scrolls Of Transcendence For Base Creature 2017-05-01

    This works just like the Player Scrolls Of Transcendence but on Base Creature that are not Evo Mercs
  4. Scrolls Of Transcendence For Evo Mercs 2017-05-01

    This works just like the player scrolls of Transcendence but for Evo Mercs.