1. Hybrid

    Stuck on "Login to Shard" step (ServUO, Mono, Docker, Synology NAS)

    I configured a Docker container that successfully compiles and runs a fresh install of the latest ServUO (publish 57 at the time of writing this) on my Synology NAS. It reads the necessary game files from a folder within ServUO, and I can connect to it fine using the EC Launcher tool. However...
  2. OldManPsylus

    UO Architect 2.7.# Installation Steps for ServUO - 57 to Current (7/2021)

    *As per Milva's request, this is a reposting of the steps I shared in the "UO Architect won't compile - trying to follow the instruction" thread. Without further ado: Alright gang, looks like nobody has posted about this in a while - for those still struggling with this, I seem to have figured...
  3. Help with cafting, baseshield ServUO 57

    Server : ServUO 57 Era : ML Hi i want implement 1 attribute in craft shield drop or chance, but i don't have any luck with the implement.. i thinked are simple.. and not are.. i tryed modify baseshield.cs line 247 i lossing anything? switch (Utility.Random(8)) {...