1. [Skill command 1.0

    Invokes skill, same as clicking the blue gem in the skill list, but with a command. Some commands also have an alias, e.g. "disco", "discord", "discordance" or "hide", "hiding".
  2. Voxpire

    Misc Skills Codex 1.0

    Skills Codex Modify your character's skills based on its skills cap, without needing to train. This codex is a basic implementation of the abstract SkillCodex class. This codex is colloquially known as a "skill ball" by most. Features a compact, responsive and easy to use interface...
  3. Cad

    Need help changing starting Templates (RunUO 2.7)

    What I'm trying to do here is take away all of the AOS/SE Templates and replace them with common UOR templates. Ex: Tamer, Thief, Bard, ETC. any guidance as to where I should start to make these changes? V/R