1. Lets try again! Return to UO, looking Sphere Spell system

    Hello everyone! Firstly, let me introduce myself. I began playing UO when I was 12 years old on a Spanish Sphere server that's still open but with only a few players online. I played with my high school friends. At the age of 14-15, I discovered how to create my own shard, so I decided to...
  2. you don't have that spell inscription

    Its doesn't work... First in the gump there aren't all scrolls in list second even those that exist when i'm trying to craft (copy) a scroll (there is that spell in the spellbook in my backpack) in creation gump a message "you don't have that spell!" what wrong with my inscription? does it...
  3. RedBeard

    OnDamagedBySpell : specific spell has an affect on basecreature.

    Looking for the correct method. When player casts a specific spell it has an affect on basecreature.
  4. Spell damage Cap (for INT)

    Hi. Where to remove the magic damage cap and dependence on base intelligence?
  5. TheArt

    All 7 full spell books 2021-10-12

    These are the full spell books, all 7 of them, including the one that was missing.