1. Hiw can i change spell cast radius?

    Hi would like to reduce length of a spell of mysticism
  2. Last Spell Not Recognized for Custom Spells

    I couldn't find other references to this when searching, but can't imagine I'm the only one that's run into this, unless I just missed a step with the merge; I have recently implemented the cleric and druid spells in my shard, using the ACC system. When those spells are cast though, we can't use...
  3. setting spells at initial player's interface Is there a method ?

    Hi i mean is there some kind a script or macros to grab spells from Spell book So the noob player would see them right in begining at first enter in the game And not only spells Would like that map, skills, abilities gumps all shoud be auto opened
  4. CorvaeOboro

    Art Magic Spells Icons 2021-10-01

    Magic Spells Download MagicSpells | Download ALL MODS colorized paintover on top of the classic linework . Installation / Patching extract downloaded zip open Mulpatcher > Settings > set the Gump mul path ( UO Client usually in program files ) and LOAD them Features > Autopatch select the...