1. danielsheep

    Fixed Exploring the deep, Stealables are placed in the wrong place.

    Exploring the deep, Stealables are placed in the wrong place. We have below scripts in the StealableArtifactsSpawners.cs //Ararat Stealables (Exploring the Deep) - Artifact rarity 8 new StealableEntry(Map.Trammel, new Point3D(6430, 1637, 0), 9216, 13824...
  2. danielsheep

    Not A Bug Missing Moiety Moiety is one of the stealables which OSI user most love. We don't have yet. Please check out this. Thanks always. --RE- EDIT--- I searched it more from goolgle. I am not sure It is a stealable or not. Is it just a decoration? Anyway we've been missed it.
  3. danielsheep

    Fixed Missing stealables in Blackthorn Dungeon Blackthorn dungeon has 3 kind of Stealables. I am looking for the CS files but I can't. [add command couldn't also find anything about this. Please update and Thanks always.
  4. Sareus

    Doom Stealables Variants 1.0

    This was just a quick edit to DoomStealableArtifacts I did to test both my new mechanical keyboard and turn-able vertical/horizontal monitor. Stealables and Variants: Backpack - 4 Variants (Spawn Chance) 1.)Leather Backpack 2.)Spined Leather Backpack (50%) 3.)Horned Leather Backpack(25%)...