1. TheArt

    ACC Systems Updated 2020-09-18

    -Edit- If you're looking for something more current, please check out Ishya's version -edit done- This has been redone to work with the version of ServUO release back in January of 2020. The familiar's have been changed to the Ranger system to...
  2. Natfoth

    Dynamic Loot 1.0

    Automatically generates loot for all creatures in the game based on their calculated level. I attempted to get it as close as I could to the same level of levels generated through the manual system. The system works with Champions still as well. The system provides for a more randomized...
  3. Yaron89

    Knive Chat Reborn 2018-07-15

    This is a rebuild of the previous Knive Chat I uploaded. I used the latest beta I could find and edited the script to ensure that there was no crashing that happened due to a fault I had found in the script. This will run smoothly with the latest version of RunUO with no crashing whatsoever...
  4. Yaron89

    Knives Script (with other stuff) 2018-07-14

    This is something I kind of pulled from somewhere off of github. Anyways, I couldn't find a working version of kniveschat until... I found this source. The link above is my modifications to get it running on my runuo server, that will work with any runuo server. The link below, I am uncertain...
  5. demented

    FS-BountyHunting 54

    Ported over for ServUO from RunUO, I take no credit