1. TheArt

    Art Teleporter (Alchemical Symbol) Replacemments 2021-05-07

    I got tired of the teleporters looking.... well, the same. They all looked so similar that I needed to replace them. I learned the hard way you can't add all 27, so.... I figured I'd share this in hopes others will use them.
  2. Fraz

    Fraz Teleport System 1.0 2.1

    -Fraz Teleport System- created by Geos Frazurbluu April 17th, 2015 Please email me any comments or bug issues you find at '[email protected]' A quick guide how to use this system.. Look for the file in this folder 'teleporters.cfg' at this path, 'DATA/TELEPORTERS/teleporters.cfg'...