ter mur

  1. TheArt

    Maps Map Replacement for Ter Mur/Map 5 2021-01-07

    I do not have buildings built on this map except in one location. you will have to build the others yourself. I did this purposefully for those who feel like building on Map 5. This map is given AS IS and I will not be uploading another version of this map PERIOD. If you have anything you...
  2. Dark Saiyan

    Unconfirmed Bug AoS allowing players to start in Ter Mur

    I have my server set to AoS content and Siege Perilous ruleset, so there is no Trammel, only Felucca, Ilshenar, and Malas. The moongates function correctly, and you can't choose Samurai or Ninja; nor can you choose Elf or Gargoyle Races. However, it is still allowing players to select Ter Mur as...