1. Bittiez

    Art Tile slicer v1.0.0

    This is a command line program I wrote to take a full image and cut it into diagonal 44x44 sized tiles so you can import it into your art file. More information and screenshots are on the github page -> GitHub - bittiez/UO-Iso-Tile-Slicer: A program to slice an image into tiles for use in UO...
  2. alchemy

    Maps CALYPSO maps, decoration, cartography, etc... 1.1

    This is the release of CALYPSO resources you may wish to re-use for your own purpose. It is delivered as a package as the shard is also evolving. it includes custom resources such as: Map Mul statics decoration Associated qartography Arts (included vehicles) Gumps Musics Alambik.