1. Sareus

    Publish 101 Items {Halloween 2018} 2018-08-19

    Publish 101 Items: just another quick pack of the new art quickly scripted into usable Lights and Decorations. You may do with these as you wish I just coded them this way so they're easier to see and use. 2018 Halloween Items: Deco Items: SpiderTree.cs a spider infested sapling (animated)...
  2. Valorian-Aeternum

    Simple tree-style floor 2017-07-25

    A simple tree-style floor. Just add the tiles to your art.mul and make it a floor in the tiledata.mul. Gives a nice look to tree houses or wherever you like it to be. (Picture shows a colored version, the source is more like a fresh cut tree; comes without the additional stuff shown.)
  3. Shazzy

    Christmas Tree With Presents 1.0

    This is the tree with the presents at the base from the latest patch. I made it with Addongen. If anyone would like to clean it up to make it like a regular addon with deed that would be great(it does work, the coding just drives me nuts) Please post if for others to download :] Shazzy