1. ParanoiaPhD

    Art beach trees 2

    My first attempt to produce a tree. Let me know if you want other art made I offer my services for free. This may need some cleaning up on your end to meet your specifications but the bulk of the work has already been done.
  2. Sareus

    Publish 101 Items {Halloween 2018} 2018-08-19

    Publish 101 Items: just another quick pack of the new art quickly scripted into usable Lights and Decorations. You may do with these as you wish I just coded them this way so they're easier to see and use. 2018 Halloween Items: Deco Items: SpiderTree.cs a spider infested sapling (animated)...
  3. Valorian-Aeternum

    Simple tree-style floor 2017-07-25

    A simple tree-style floor. Just add the tiles to your art.mul and make it a floor in the tiledata.mul. Gives a nice look to tree houses or wherever you like it to be. (Picture shows a colored version, the source is more like a fresh cut tree; comes without the additional stuff shown.)
  4. Shazzy

    Christmas Tree With Presents 1.0

    This is the tree with the presents at the base from the latest patch. I made it with Addongen. If anyone would like to clean it up to make it like a regular addon with deed that would be great(it does work, the coding just drives me nuts) Please post if for others to download :] Shazzy