1. Ubuntu .NET 4.8 errors

    Hello! I am getting .NET 4.8 reference errors on `dotnet build` when building the shard's branch. I tried to install it. I tried : apt, apt-get, then snap, wine, winetricks, tequila shots, .. always getting many install errors, even using `--force`. I also tried to retarget using VS Comm...
  2. SimonOmega

    HowTo: Compile and Run ServUO using Mono in Linux

    Hello alll, This guide will explain how to compile and execute ServUO under Linux using Mono. I am using these specific versions: Kali Linux - a Debian based distrobution Linux 5.9.0-kali4-amd64 - Debian 5.9.11-1kali1 (2020-12-01) x86_64 GNU/Linux UO Classic Client