ultima online 2021 server

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    Uo Canada - Canadian hosted Shard

    For the next 100 new players Free Gm any 5 skills skillball. Plus 60k Gold. (Limited time offer)- Crafters and tamers will soon be excluded from skillball list) - Unlimited skill cap - 325 stat cap - vanilla shard minimal custom content. - compatible with both classic and enhanced clients...
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    New Shard First 250 Players FREE 15xGM Skills, Mansion and 1m GP

    Hey Guys I've recently created a new server and am in the midst of setting it up and all. Id like to run a nice little promo for the first new 250 players to the server. Free any 15 GM skills. A mansion. 1M GP. All are welcome. To join the Server you can use Classic UO Launcher which allows you...