1. Omnes

    Creating maps with UO Map Creator and UO Landscaper "Basic Understanding" Centred+

    I put this video together.... Poorly lol. This is my second recording created, and I am actually recording the first video. ANYWAY! I created 2 maps, one out of Map Creator and one out of Landscaper. Both require a few different editing options than the other so make sure you get those while...
  2. FiftyTifty

    Gaea -> UO Landscaper: unclear on GIMP importing?

    I've been using Gaea for creating terrains in WoW for a year now, and wanted to try something different. Turns out, UO does support heightmaps and colour maps through UOLandscaper! Trouble is, the threads I've found don't correctly explain how to import heightmap files. Probably due to the...