1. TheArt

    Art Fleshy Dungeon Set 2021-05-16

    Included: The weird tentacle masses, 2 blob masses, a veiny looking mass, and a 'wall vein'. Also included: Floor textures and floor tiles (Yes you can make this a texture for your dungeons) And Fleshy walls. Except the floors and the purple veins, everything can be animated (and for the best...
  2. TheArt

    Art Wood Set 2021-05-03

  3. TheArt

    Art Crystal Set 2021-05-03

    Original Set from: WarWeed Put the floor in twice, one as normal tagged, the other tagged as translucent and/or transparent.
  4. TheArt

    Art Black Marble Set 2021-05-03

    A black Marble set.
  5. TheArt

    Art Custom Stone Walls 2021-04-29

    Here's some custom stone walls.... My windows suck a little bit but eh, oh well. :) Hope you like these anyways. These are 100% custom, I made them, they are my artwork. Hope you enjoy!

    Marble Walls 2018-05-11

    I felt that the marble wall tileset was lacking, so I created some additional pieces. Add them to your art files using Fiddler. Set height to 20.