1. ParanoiaPhD

    A prefab system for streamlining building ( generated based on CEO's YAAAG as ref) 1.0

    Simply drop both scripts into custom scripts... Build your prefabs using movable objects is key. The objects must be movable in order to be recorded into the prefab file. Once the prefab is ready its saved with a name chosen by you to \prefabs\ where the gump will then list it as a button. The...
  2. SithLordSky

    RunUO Oldie

    So. I have a question. I'm trying to set up a Lord Blackthorn's Revenge Server for my friend and I. While we've been able to tweak and fix a lot of things, one thing I'm having a huge issue with, is nothing but the Vendor's are spawning. No mobs, no animals, no decor. I remember using...
  3. ImaNewb

    Decorate Command Slow

    Hello, I have been messing around with my shards decoration and noticed that the decoration generation seems to be very slow in comparison to RunUO 2.7. Is there something completely different that the decorate command is doing in ServUO compared to RunUO? Decoration for me is almost instant on...
  4. Valorian-Aeternum

    UO-Pixel 2016-01-31

    UO-Pixel is a german graphics portal run by Eriminator (known for her work for UO-Mittelerde, etc). It is randomly updated with condributions from Eriminator or other artists, willing to give away their work for free. You can find complete maps, new animations, a lot of arts, gumps and stuff...