1. Xml Quests

    I need help with the following two things. 1. Is it possible to trigger the xml dialog for quests from an item instead of a Quest NPC? (I would like to have a quest triggered without the player seeing the NPC) 2. Is it possible to add a QuestAttachment after killing a mob?
  2. HellRazor

    ServUO Publish 58 - Last Version with XMLQuest 58

    XMLQuest and other "extra" XMLSpawner systems were removed from the ServUO github repository for Publish 58 beginning on March 31, 2020. This is a pull of Publish 58 as it was on March 30, 2020, before these systems were removed.
  3. XMLquestleaderboard

    Hi, i've been stumped for a week now trying to reset the quest number and points number on the leaderboard. ive searched and there is no command to do this. I also looking in leaderboard folder in the the on.xml file where it shows all the numbers, changing that doesnt work either. i'd only come...