Just a bunch of random placement of random stuff. You may have noticed I have been releasing a lot of art tools for custom artists.
This is a teaser of the mounds of stuff I have created, But, must refine to release. I go off on binges of creating stuff and make huge sets.
Then I have to piece it all together in game and make sure it everything works as intended. This is just a teaser of stuff in development for public release.
Sometimes a pixel here a pixel there out of place just stuff I am working on for simplifying the creation of UO Art
Great work otimpyre! I'm liking the kits you've been doing here recently. They will certainly help get newcomers into the art side of things. Wish I had these back in the day hehe, will prob use some of them myself. ;) Your videos and original placement guides helped get me started so forever in your debt! :p Keep it up.
It is good to see art community forming. It is what I always aimed for. More artists, more ideas, more content. I taught myself all of this. In 1998 I discovered emulators, inside UO, and then paintshop pro. I realized I could create my own game and have things my way. All because, an in game friend got mad at and logged into my official UO account took all my stuff, dropped my house, and left me naked in the woods. ;) Granted I was a
nuisance in those days. Scammed players and cause the developers to have change the code several times. I take credit for enticement bard skill being removed from the game. LOL
Otimpyre, your awesome! I got into making items because of your videos and your earlier art tools. It is so exciting to see new things from you. Thank you again for helping artists get started. I always to look forward to see your posts!