As the title states, I am attempting to setup the Capture the flag (just for playing around for now) But as it says it failed validation to Select Options -> Edit Battle Region, but I dont see those options. Am I just blind?

Nevermind, im dumb...
Ok this time im lost again! It says problem with Teams: goto to Optiosn -> View Teams, but I dont see that portion?
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Some options are only available when other options are configured, you can select individual teams to configure them by clicking on their names in the team list window.
Ok! So silly question then! Is there a guide of like order of operations? I'm just kind of fumbling around because the "validation" only tells me one thing at a time.
You can set up in any order, the validation process goes through each step that is required as a minimum for that battle to be published.
The teams are already listed in the main battle overview, you can click on them directly to edit them.
That instruction is a hold-over from the conversion.
i see no options, i guess my "install" is broken...i followed the Pub58 guide to put it in, so if anyone has any tips that'd be great haha
Deselect the team so you're on the main CTF battle page, then click the teams that show on the right-side display.
Treat it like an adventure game and click everything, try everything.
I really need to finish the updated UI... o_O
unfortunately i never got it to work. I'm going to give it another try soon and see if i can back into it somehow....
Worst adventure game ever....still stuck same place lol
So it turns out it's the tooltips that are preventing the teams from being clicked... if you comment the AddTooltip lines from the gump that come after AddHtmlButton, they will start working again.