Hello everyone! Heres the feature I have been working on for quite some time..Something that has not been seen on any other server before! We are happy to announce a game changing feature to our server. Beyond Shadow is a large addition to Unchained, a brand new realm with the renowned Age of Shadows ERA. Why is this so exceptional? Because you will not need to switch server or create a new character in order to enter the realm. You will be able to switch between UOR (the current UO : Unchained era) and AOS (Beyond Shadows era) at any time!

This feature is currently available on the test center. In order to join the test center, simply check "Test Center" on the Unchained client login menu. Areas are limited to Luna & the newbie dungeon to not give people an unfair advantage before the full release. Reporting game breaking issues and anomalies from testing will give you a reward in the realm of your choice. The reward will be purely aesthethic. Hopefully this will grant a new home to all the AOS players who have been abandoned for the past years!

FAQ and information can be found on the link below.https://www.play-uo.com/aos

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