The old clients are no longer available from official UO nor do they patch. They switched the patch servers and then when changing to UOP with 7.0.25 (? 24.3?) they dropped patch support for all previous ones.


it is necessary to help the client can be completely repository or just the customers themselves


I have every client patch and associated game files from up to all packaged up if anyone needs the resource. PM me.
The latest client has map0 and map1 that are 1 kb bigger than prior versions. I can't get Centred+, or MapExtractor to recognize the new maps. Does anyone know when this happened? If so, does anybody have a working UO client that uses UOP but still has UOPs that can be extracted and edited by Centred, MapExtractor, etc.? Thanks!


It seems they changed the block size of the map... again... lol

Most likely to mess with the free server community. I'm not surprised though because Broadsword really doesn't want us to use the Enhanced Client. Below are the extracted bitmap files for client


I asked around and it seems that the client map files did not change so I'm unsure as to why centred wont open them with 896x512 block size in the configuration. The only logical explanation is that the map size changed or the directories were incorrect and both are correct on my settings so I'm unsure how to fix this issue for now.


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Bummer. There is version 7.0.34 on the russian shard server abyss available for download. Are there any rules against posting the link here for files I don't directly own? I just downloaded this version and got my custom maps to work with it perfectly. This version is important because it uses the new status bar (shows hitpoints over 999 without the weird wrap), contains the new animations (exodus, tigers, etc.), it works with the Vita Nex Core modules without crashing (every prior version before 7.0.15 crashes with the spell progress bar), and it lets me use custom maps. I couldn't get the newest client (7.0.47) to accept any custom maps without giving me an error about reading map0 blah blah blah with max install.

Thanks for uploading the bitmap files. Can I use those to generate new maps, or get Centred working again?


No at this point you'd need to convert that map to Ultima Online Map Creator or UOLandscaper swatch colors and then recreate the map yourself to get it to compile and ready to convert over. From what I see the only change is in the dungeon area and has to do with a region type area.

I'm not very impressed with the changes Broadsword made because they are making the UI more looking like WoW than UO. I prefer the classic client for this reason also here in the U.S. it is illegal to use the enhanced client as it was coded under a new license which carries stiff penalties.

Broadsword will probably not go after anyone if they follow in EA's footsteps, but they have the legal right to do so since they own the rights to the game engine and graphics we use; this includes the UI.

In Russia you can post all the client files you want. Here in the US we can only post the older (<) classic client files as they are no longer playable on the official server.

Wis Weed

I have been looking all over for older clients like 6.4 and 6.7 and 6.12, etc.
I would love some help if anyone knows of a link.
gametec, I will PM you.
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Wis Weed

Cool, man. Thank you very much.

This is an awesome link, but this has nothing older than 6.0.2. I am looking for older versions of 6.0.0, but not as far as 7.0.0.

Specifically 6.0.7 and 6.0.8, but other versions may work. I am basically trying to fix a housing issue on an old RunUO server.
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Ah, gotcha.

That's gonna be a bit tougher to find. Most people didn't retain clients between the major publishes. I'll keep my eyes open for you.

There is a project that has most versions of the client.exe and you just have to fill in with the supporting files, so that might be an option...



Client Custom:
- Works with EasyUO, Injection, and others old 3rd party program.
- Multiples Acc: You can open it more than 1 time.
Download: http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/cGWOVH2d/file.html

- Latest UO ML client version that i found.
Download: http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/shRhPbt7/file.html

Please make download mirrors, it will expire soon because its free acc =(

Enjoy ;) is post Stygian Abyss. Actually, I'm pretty sure anything post 7.0 is SA.
[doublepost=1540078723][/doublepost]Here's a list according to UOGuide: http://www.uoguide.com/List_of_Classic_Client_Patches


Does anyone have the UO game files (anim files, tiledata, maps, multi, etc) for client version or I have the client I just need the rest of the files. I cannot get any patcher to work. Thank you.



I realize this old post but here is a bunch of different old clients on mega they should stay as long as someone downs from the link occasionally . I suppose could up them on another provider in really needed .


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posted these the other day take look might be in there.



Hi all, This old post keeps going lol. Sorry that I drag it up again, just wondering if anyone has a full version backup of I am trying something out and just need that version. I tried the update post but i couldn't get Staticz's update program to work.



I realize this old post but here is a bunch of different old clients on mega they should stay as long as someone downs from the link occasionally . I suppose could up them on another provider in really needed .
here's a listing of the files in the client folder my dumb butt forgot to show them .

Pay no attention to the path as I did this on a usb drive ,


Saw these on another post here so linking to his page .

These are on another's webpage lots of patch files if your looking for a very specific version look there .

And lots of other stuff to look at as well .
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