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Publish 58
Ultima Expansion
Time Of Legends
I am experimenting with Darkshard Maps to see how custom maps work before I get into trying to make one. Anyways, I have been using the Enhanced Sosaria Map and I found them from this ServUO thread Custom Maps

I am getting this error and not sure how to fix it. Any suggestions? I am attaching the file as well.



  • GenTeleporter.cs
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it seems that the compiler can't find the CommandEventArgs type.. it's usually a reference missing somewhere in the file..

it's part of Server.Commands .. is it in reference in your file !?
This I cannot say, it is my first time programming and coding ServUO.. or any UO.. but I have to admit it is not always easy using T2A expansion!

I'm on teleporter scripting as well. I'll end modifying one to make my own I'm sure!