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Hello all! Well i have been playing UO since the 90's mostly as a player but have also done my share of staffing. Ive always been curious of the behind the scenes lol. I am no coder, scripter, etc... just an average joe that wanted to try and build a UO world. just for me not for release or anything. Well started last night and some this afternoon after work i finally figured out what everything meant n what to do, i had a char standing in Haven then dced and now cant connect again... that is my issue. i always try to figure stuff out on my own. but i found one thread like this and it didnt help me i dont know where they were even seeing the errors they were refering to. as i said im clueless but with reading on just servuo i got logged in for atleast a second lol. help please
nevermind, figured it out..
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