Hello! I wanted to take this opportunity to say that we are looking for a new member to join the staff of Imagine Nation. The role we are seeking requires some experience with xmlspawner to create invisible spawns, traps, and monsters. Additionally, creating new monsters and items is welcome, although it is secondary. The server core is RunUO 2.2, upgraded to .NET 4.8.

This position is not paid, so we are looking for someone who simply wants to have fun and bring more life to our world.

If you are interested in joining the team, please send me a private message here on the forum, or find me in the Imagine Nation Discord channel. You can find the website on this forum, in the servers section.

Thank you very much!
From what I see, the website not being finished is a bigger priority than spawning. Any potential player is not going to want to play here if they are left wondering what the shard has to offer them.
I don't understand your response. I see that you registered on the forum just to reply to this thread, so I'll take it that you are a current player.The website is under development because I barely have time for it. We have had issues with a GM on the server, who has now been banned, which means I have even less time to spawn and bring more life to the world.That's why I'm making this post, in case anyone is interested in this type of development.For any future replies to the post, I would appreciate if they are related to the topic. Thank you.
At least they have a start of website. I think, as a player, myself, clicking a link for what you think is a website, just to get a discord server is turn off. I want to read about the server, and most often its just a bunch of players talking about everything but what the server has to offer.
The fact that you don't see a completed website as a priority for player base growth says alot. Good luck with shard.
You're about as narrow minded as they come. I don't have a website myself, but I have The Player Command Bar 3000, Sandals of Swiftness, PvP in Felucca Towns and tons of content I could go on bragging about and still ahead of 95% of servers. What's your point? I guess you never learned that old saying about how you can still learn from someone, even if you know more. Every server owner has the potential to inspire someone to create. It's not hard to do