ServUO Version
Publish 57
Ultima Expansion
Stygian Abyss
Is it possible to import Characters from other shards. Or edit characters on my shard?
You can create a script that copies all data on a character then use it to build a player to the same specs on another shard (this requires access to both server files), or use [props on character and manually write down all info from fields, then transfer them via the same command on the new character (requires access on both shards as staff)! This might not get everything as exact as using a script to capture player data! There might be some fields that can not be manually changed via props, and only by using a script or editing the code to do what your after! Or if you don't have access to the character host shard, then just use [props on the character in your shard and change as you see fit!
[add Gold 5000
[add FloppyHat

etc etc

There are other commands to where you can add to players bag account and so on, [helpinfo has a good list of them all
You can also check for the script [add pandorasgiftbox It allows setting up as a 1 time drop on login or everytime places a gift box in packs containing any item's placed inside .

I hide the actual boxes in one of the jail cells so only staff can access them .

Might not be best soultion but works for me when wanting to give all players something .