This is actually a pretty good animation, but there are two problems for my particular use case.

It's scaled just a little too big, probably needs to come down just 5%-8% to look right. The crotch to knee ratio doesn't make sense against the player animation.

It's not positioned properly. When you move, it's forward of the player. Maybe this was intentional and it's on the end user to reposition, which is cool.

Do you have an H version of this? That would solve at least one of my issues.


it is not for the character of UO. I remade a character in 3D with similar actions (modified and with the right number of frames for UO CC) but which will never be totally similar. Then I automated the generation of the equipment to have the 1050 frames with the camera rotation (also not totally with the same viewing angle). I purposely wanted it bigger because UO CC is way too small and it overwrites the UVMAP details too much. Ironman was made for fun to show the concept.