Hi everyone! I started playing UO when it launched in 1997 on Great Lakes. I played for a few years with my son. After a long break, we heard about the free shards and played a few. Each had its own culture and game style and we had a great time on most of them.

At some point, I don't recall what year, I decided to dive into RunUO and see if I could put my own shard together. I really enjoyed running around on an empty game tweaking artwork, buildings and creating my own map. I never got to the point where I wanted to invite anyone to play, but I definitely enjoyed the creative experience. I'm here at ServUO now because my son recently invited me to play UO Outlands. I'm having a great time exploring their map and all the new systems and features Owyn and his team have set up there. What an amazing build it is. I'm in awe.

Getting back into the game has brought me full circle to wanting to build my own shard... so here I am, ready to learn, explore, and get creative again. I don't know how far I'll get this time but I'm retired now and I'm thinking maybe I have the time and the inclination to see it through. I guess we'll see.

I look forward to seeing what all of you have done, and of course, unashamedly stealing and modifying all your best ideas.

Nice to be here,

Marcus Brasher