New World Of Archon (beta)


Oct 4, 2017
Shard Name
New World of Archon
This shard took the basics of land of archon and will move forward with it. the beta website is
Here are some of the goals
  • A vigorous AI
  • A online macro library within razor
  • Nonadjustable Light Levels.
  • More than 5 facets
  • Balanced PVP
These goals will be accomplished by having the custom Classic UO and Custom Razor. Although you can download the client on the website, For now any 7.0.60 or 7.0.59 client will work. the current IP Address is
Please let us know of any issue in the discord channel
Please enjoy !


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Oct 2, 2014
  • Nonadjustable Light Levels.
Kudos on this choice! I don't like the fact that night sight potions and spells have been rendered useless by these client settings nowadays. The world also looks better with the ambient lights. I find it challenging to look for my body in a really dark dungeon as well, when my character is naked and carrying a torch around trying to get my stuff back.