OrBSydia - UO Official Shard
I've setup an official shard for OrBSydia for those interested:

The Server is In beta, we have some old faces playing on it.
We're Using ServUO, Razor, ClassicUO Community
Client. All Current Expansions for UO, some systems
subject to improvement

Core Team:
Khaybel - UO Architect Co-Creator / Shard Admin
Dknight - UO Landscaper Creator / Shard Admin
Kaligar Prime - Level Designer / Shard Admin

Useful Links:
Shard Login | Play.OrBSydia.com
Discord |

We currently getting up to speed with playing UO Again.
Feel Free to Say Hi!
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Nice to see your return :) this won't connect -unless it's just me Home Page | https://orbsydia.com/shard
Shard login is play.orbsydia.com the above link is just my info page till I can write something better. I posted discord as well above. for OrBSydia. Shard is currently in beta testing. No plan for wipes but working on it as able, dknight and kaligar are co admins as well. I fixed the link above thanks for pointing that out. :D I updated the discord link it shouldn't expire now.