I wish there was a little bit more explanation on this so here goes:
This script will add a controller to the void spawns in Ter Mur to prevent them from taking over the entire facet. It has customizable options such as the amount to spawn, whether you want them to be random types, and has the option to remove them all.

They spawn at pre-defined locations and it will check roughly every minute or so to spawn/despawn as needed.

My personal thoughts: This is cool, simple, and much-needed to control the Void spawns in Ter Mur to keep them from getting out of control and still allowing them their default "morph" mechanic where they absorb one another and change over time. I like it!

This is what I got simply from looking over the code. I do not know how accurate this is in practice, or how easy this is to use. I am not offering support on this. I just think it's a shame to upload something and not offer a description beyond how to add it to the game.


I'm fairly sure this was created from:
tetsuyanokoya updated Remodeling Void Creature System 2022 with a new update entry:

Remodeling Void Creature System 2022

Formatted the script.

Read the rest of this update entry...
このスクリプトは、Ter Murのボイドスポーンにコントローラーを追加して、ファセット全体を引き継ぐのを防ぎます。スポーンする量、ランダムタイプにするかどうかなどのカスタマイズ可能なオプションがあり、すべてを削除するオプションがあります。


私の個人的な考え:これはクールでシンプルで、Ter MurのVoidスポーンを制御して、制御不能にならないようにし、デフォルトの「モーフ」メカニズムでお互いを吸収して時間の経過とともに変化できるようにする必要があります。それはいいですね!

Since I don't live in an English-speaking world, I didn't give an explanation because there was a risk that the meaning would change if the explanation was made by machine translation.
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I'm fairly sure this was created from:
I was at a loss for monsters that adopted your system and spawned endlessly on the second day.
And I thought I couldn't control the spawning monster.

I couldn't help but modify it.


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