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Xanthos Auction System [ fixed for newer ServUo Repos ] 1

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This script is very nice one and I thank to the scripter.
However, I would like to edit one more function that cancel the bid by owner(player).
Now, Higher than game-mater level account can access this cancel button only.
So, I customized 'AuctionView.cs' below lines, but it has not worked yet.

// Button 6 : Admin Auction Panel
//if ( m_User.AccessLevel >= AuctionConfig.AuctionAdminAcessLevel )
if ( owner && m_Auction.Owner.Account != null && m_User.AccessLevel == AccessLevel.Administrator )
AddButton( 170, 338, 4011, 4012, 6, GumpButtonType.Reply, 0 );
AddLabel( 205, 340, Misc.kLabelHue, AuctionSystem.ST[ 227 ] );
Please give me some advises.
Thanks and Happy new year.
How do I access the auctioneer npc?
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Im getting this error when I try to add an item to the auction.

How to do I go about this? I'm still learning:)ty
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ClilocLocation : How do I specify the full path for the cliloc.enu file im having trouble with it?
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I was able to change it but im still getting this when I target the item I want to add to the auction. I'm not sure what else I can do...


I have Ultima.dll in the main folder of ServUO and I have inserted the Ultima.dll string in data / assembly.cs
but this error is thrown:

Xanthos \ Auction System \ AuctionItem.cs (12,7): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'Ultima' was not found. Probably missing a directive using or a reference to the assembly. [C: \ Users \ calif \ Desktop \ ServUO-master \ Scripts \ Scripts.csproj]