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7 Custom Backpack Sets 2015-01-18

custom backpacks gumps paperdoll images scripts

  1. Safera
    7 Non-default Backpack Sets
    which include paperdoll gump images, in-game backpack icons & open backpack gump images. Also included are scripts to use to add these to your shard.

    ~ 1 custom set by me (Bloody)
    ~ 3 backpack sets from new Client (Primitive, Snowy & Strappy)
    (I made the paperdoll gumps for them, but the other graphics are included in the newer clients)
    ~1 KR Strappy set, converted to 2D client
    ~2 UO Desktop themes (Celtic & Dragon) with all required paperdoll graphics added.


    How-to Video:

    Adding Custom Wearables by Safera @ RunUO

    These are just the graphics for the backpacks, to learn more about how to use them, please visit the following discussion:
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