Add Wall Command/Gump

Add Wall Command/Gump 1.1

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This is an [AddWall command just like the [AddSign and [AddDoor commands.
Just started to put this together and changed up the gump a bit.
(Not sure why but I like this black background.)

The buttons use the Tile Method instead of the just add.
If you would like to change this to do the [M add Static #ID or just [Add Static #ID

On line 238
[Tile Method:
            CommandSystem.Handle(from, String.Format("{0}Tile Static {1}", CommandSystem.Prefix, m_Types[button].m_BaseID));

[M Add Method:
            CommandSystem.Handle(from, String.Format("{0}M Add Static {1}", CommandSystem.Prefix, m_Types[button].m_BaseID));

[Add Method:
            CommandSystem.Handle(from, String.Format("{0}Add Static {1}", CommandSystem.Prefix, m_Types[button].m_BaseID));

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  1. Button Change

    Fixed/Change the look of a button that was acting funny for me.
  2. More Walls Added

    This should be a more 'Complete' list of walls. There is 64 pages of Walls all together.

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I loved this so much! Thank you for having made it, it helped with the tool I built!
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